Friday, April 20, 2012


Roxy (the sassy one): Something's up. Whaddya think?

Maddie (the wise one): Most definitely. I know the signs.

Roxy: She's got that look on her face...

Maddie: I saw the suitcase come out of the closet.

Roxy: Oh no! Tell me you didn't! Was it the little one or the big one?

Maddie: The big one.

Roxy: The big one! I HATE it when she drags out the big one. That means she's going to be gone at least 5 days. Maybe 6.  Maybe even 2 weeks. Or MORE? This is gonna be rrruuufff!

Maddie: And she's not talking much. That means she's thinking. Which means she has a lot to do. We're in trouble.

Roxy: Stop her, you know you can, you're smart n all, you always know what to do, c'mon you have to stop her, let's chew holes in her suitcase, lay in front of the door and trip her and then she can't go, and help me, why are you just sitting there, we're gonna have to do something, we will be so alone for God only knows how long, and this just isn't right, oh somebody help...

Maddie: I have another idea. Let's just get right in front of her face and stare at her all sad-like and then maybe she will change her mind...

Parson's Wife: "Hello? Yes, I'm calling to cancel my flight..."

Friday, April 13, 2012

hacuna matata

It's really a terrible place to build a nest.

It's in the top of the ficus tree (which is not being tended and looks like it has been on a 40-day fast).  The tree is on the patio, right outside the Bedroom Door.  There is Coming and Going at all hours of the Day and Night because the Golden and the Schnauzer count it a badge of honor to see who can ask to get in and get out the most times in one day.

But the ficus is where Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal chose to establish the homestead.

They worked for two days on the nest.  I'm assuming there is a Hotel in the pecan tree or perhaps the fig tree because I would hear them talking to each other while on Break and when they weren't working.

When the Babies come, there will need to be Much Prayer go up, because the Golden has been known to Lose her Religion and fall off the wagon when it comes to Baby Birds.  They are just too much of a Temptation.

But, regardless...the Nest is there.  And Mrs. Cardinal just blinks at me in a bored sort of way when I walk right up to it and stare her in the eye.

She must go to Poombah and Timone's church.  And she has not yet experienced the fact that the Golden and the Schnauzer are as Roaring Lions, seeking...