Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bunch n Breeze

They just have a way of bringing it all together....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Apologies

I feel terribly guilty that I have neglected recording the High, Historical Moments here at The Parson's House in the past couple of weeks.  There have been Many!  Very Many!  But it has all been moving so fast and there has been no time to get it in written form.  I'm going to go back and try to remember all that I can of the High, Historical Moments from the last time I blogged.  It will probably be Sporadic, but at least it will calm my Rattled Spirit to go back and Reflect on what has happened to all my Valuable Time.

But first, I have to get the first of many dozens of cookies in the Oven....

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well, Heavens to Betsy!  It came a snowfall here today the likes of which has not been seen EVER on Christmas Banquet Weekend in this town.  The Homeplace looked like a Christmas Card.

Everybody went Stark Raving Mad!

Happy was running to the Horse's Bridle.

There was much Laughter and Screaming and Jumping Wildly With Abandon.

What in the world is it about Snow that makes everybody act like a Crazy Nut?  People were walking Up and Down the Street shouting Merry Greetings to Complete Strangers.  Laughter was Ringing in Darkest Corners.  Fires were Raging in Fireplaces.  Food was being Consumed like there was no Tomorrow!

If it wasn't Christmas before, it sure is Now!