Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Summer No-Cooking Revolution!


On May 27, 2009, the Good Wife cooked her last meal in the kitchen, washed the dishes, put the dirty dishcloth in the laundry pile, walked out and said, "That's that."  And, as is the custom with her meek, mild-mannered way, the Summer No-Cooking Revolution was birthed.

After agonizing over menus, toiling in the kitchen for hours upon end, creating exotic delicacies upon which her family was to dine (only to have them not show up at all or show up when all was congealed), and getting red, chapped hands due to constant hot dishwater, the Good Wife quietly whispered, "I shall cook no more for the summer."

In the early days, her Family laughed.  The Parson chuckled quietly as he walked into the kitchen to check the stove.  It was cold.

The Parson's Son immediately realized this could be serious, but was quite excited because he thought that a daily McDonald's visit could be in his future.  

The Parson's Daughter just said that she herself would cook so there would be no problem. Then she promptly packed her suitcase and left for camp for three weeks.

However, as the days and weeks wore on with relentless commitment and dedication to the Revolution on the part of the Good Wife, soberness began to creep onto the countenances of the Family.

Grumbling, complaining, and comparison to other wives has swirled in the air of the Parson's House.  

Then, as of today, the Parson's Son has resorted to begging.  

The Good Wife is now in contemplative meditation regarding whether or not the purpose of the Revolution has been accomplished or if she should stick to her guns.

We're out of potato chips....