Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Eve

Well, it's 10:11 pm and theparsonshouse is alive and kicking oh yes indeed it is.

The Gentle Golden Retriever is outside barking at a tree and scratching on the door every 5 minutes to be let in the house to join the close bonding she senses inside.

The Schnauzer With Attitude is barking at another tree and hanging on to the tail of the Gentle Golden Retriever.  When the Gentle Golden gets enough, she just sits down.  That's what I'm going to start doing.  Just sitting down when I've had enough.

The Parson's Son is sitting on the couch strumming on his guitar and The Parson's Daughter is across the room making up words to match the music as she goes along.  So far, the sound resembles noise and carries with it quite a bit of angst on the part of the Good Wife.

The Parson Himself is Home.  In the Flesh.  That is Number One on our "We're Thankful For" List.

The Good Wife is trying to have a serious moment of Thanksgiving in and amongst her brood and so poses the question to Her Little Flock:  What is my Sweet Family thankful for tonight?

The Parson's Daughter:  God's Love (She said she's on a kick about that lately), Text Messaging, The Philippines, Rascal Flatts, The Jokes of The Parson's Son, and Smarties.

The Parson's Son:  the Fender Guitar Company, God, (he changed it to God first, then the Fender Guitar Company), his Fender Strat, his bed, his parents ( !! well, my my !!), his sister, his pets, his friends, and his cell phone.

The Parson:  a funny family, 24/7 Fitness Center, every good sermon thought, good friends, email, iphone, Saints 10-0, church being paid for, God, the Good Wife, the Parson's Family, and a good Church also made the List.

The Good Wife:  the Gentle Golden and the Schnauzer with Attitude, the Kids and the Man, the fire, my Kindle, and the new Kitchen Countertops.  Also, the Mac, the Reverend Mother Mom, the Church and the Homeplace.  The Brother and Wife, the fact that tomorrow's meal is already cooked and restored Health.

We all agreed that that is only the tip of a Very Long List and that None of the Things on the List are in the Correct Order.

The Good Wife is NOT thankful for: email, cell phones (for talk usage) or anything to do with numbers and/or mathematics.  She IS thankful for Texting and wishes everyone would communicate that way.  She is NOT thankful for telephones at all, nor is she thankful for Appointment Calendars.  However, she IS thankful for Microwaves and Washing Machines as well as Digital Cameras and iPhoto.  Her Water Filtration Machine also made the list.

More than anything, she is Thankful for This Life God Gave Her as well as the One to Come.  This Life is chaotic, unpredictable, nerve-wracking, Full of Trouble, and Totally Wonderful.  Because the Purpose of This Life lies in the One to Come.  And that fact brings Joy Unspeakable to the Journey.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Eve from theparsonshouse!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Morning Musings

It's Monday Morning of Thanksgiving Week.

The Parson is, of course, missing from the Homeplace.  He has probably written 3 sermons and fed 234 homeless people since daylight and will appear for Mid-Morning Snack exclaiming with wonder how good it feels to not have anything to do on his day off.

The Parson's Daughter is preparing for school while lamenting about the Unfairness of Colleges not observing the Proper Thanksgiving Holiday by giving the Whole Week off to students.  The Parson's Son is still piled in bed which only adds to the Parson's Daughter's Chagrin.

Another crazy busy week stretches before the Good Wife as far as the Eye can see.  There is some Trepedition as to whether everything on The List will actually be checked off in time.  But there is no Stress involved, only Focused Plowing Ahead.

But First Things First.

The Monday Morning Madness cannot begin until the Thankful List is started and Praised About.  The Thankful List will be added to all week, but only One thing will be posted this Monday Morning.  It is huge and needs to Stand Alone due to the massive amount of Thanks which goes up from The Parson's House quite often concerning it.

Thankful List 

1.  The Good Wife has not had one Migraine since March!

What's on your List?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bees and Buzzing

The Homeplace has been overtaken by Buzzing Bees and Beyond Busyness!

There are currently 19 Christmas trees inside and 3 outside.  More to come.  The outside looks a bit neglected.

The Parson's Son turns 13 in 3 weeks and the Good Wife has been obsessing over putting his Life Book together.  The deadline for sending it off to be printed is this coming Monday and Various and Sundry Issues have been screaming and battling for the Good Wife's Attention.  She is fighting the urge to Lock all other Voices into a Dark Closet until the Life Book is finished.

Thanksgiving is next week and the Homeplace is quite the Center of all Thankfulness and Hunger.  Someone has to prepare the Turkey and Ham.

The Rite of Passage Party for the Parson's Son is looming closely on the Horizon...2 1/2 weeks to be exact.  Much preparation Beyond the Life Book must still be accomplished.

There is a POA Leadership Connect Party to prepare.

There are Christmas Gifts to be bought for all who Travel in and out of The Homeplace.

It's Christmastime all over the World and High on the List at the Homeplace are presents for Missionaries and Missionary Kids.

There is a Junk Room that must be cleaned out, Dust must be removed from the cracks that has been placed there by the Addition of New Kitchen Countertops (we MUST do that at Holiday Season, not at a slower, more reasonable time of the year), the Jungle in the Back Yard is being Removed by Workers Who Will Not Show Up, and PICTURES ARE EVERYWHERE THAT ARE BEING PUT IN THE LIFE BOOK!

Background Noise includes Chipmunks Singing About Christmas and Dwight Yoakum throwing in his two cents.

In the Middle of it all, the Good Wife smiles a Thankful Smile as she realizes that the Beyond Busyness of Buzzing Bees is a wonderful Blessing of God.

May your Days be Merry and Bright....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas is Here!

Josh Groban has been been sending Holiday warblings through The Parson's House for about 3 weeks now.  He has been replaced occasionally by Celine, Casting Crowns, Selah, James Taylor, and the Chipmunks as they each added their distinct Flavor to the Mirth and Good Cheer that has begun to emerge from the walls and floors of The Homeplace.

Pithy comments filled with Jeer and Carp have been hurled in my direction as knowledge of the Tinselly Tunes has spread.  Growls of displeasure from those who would Rain on my Holiday Parade have caused Confusion in my Heart.

"NO!" they say.  "Christmas Music should never begin until after Thanksgiving.  We have to put up with it long enough as it is."

Excuse me?  Put up with it?  There needs to be a cave for Those People to retreat to during the Season of Festivity and Celebration of our Lord's Birth!

I will continue to Push the Envelope on stretching the Holiday Season with Twinkly Lights, Merry Music, Smiles and Sugar, and Secrets in the Closet for as long as I can possibly stretch it.

This Season, with all it entails, brings a Sense of Security to my Spirit.  It brings a Smile when thinking of a cuddly Baby Saviour.  It brings Hope while planning the Hospitality.  It brings Gladness while purchasing the Gifts.  It brings Laughter with the Lights.  It brings Carols to the Cleaning of the Rafters.

The Music brings Merriment to my Mundane!

I'm putting up my tree tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pray for my Friend

Okay.  I need everybody to pray for my Friend.  The Physical Therapist's Assistant Lady.  She's a dear little woman who has been doing deep heat massages on my injured leg the past six weeks.  She is always quite Opinionated about most everything.  She has it all figured out, even the stuff that hasn't happened yet.

She is very Free with her advice and knowledge.  About everything.  Raising children these days, cooking vs. eating out, Being Responsible, proper Care of a torn calf muscle, and various other sundry issues most of which you have never even heard of.

I am feeling rather Victorious this week because I am finally being able to walk in public without excessive Gawking and Exclamations from people whom I have never met.  For the past 5 weeks, I have walked with a very awkward and pronounced limp and not without quite a bit of Pain involved in the process.

The DOCTOR himself, whom I would imagine has had quite a bit more schooling than the Physical Therapist's Assistant Lady informed me early on that the position of the tear and the muscle involved was going to be most painful when my foot was flat.  Therefore, since the position of the tear meant I could not be fitted for a boot with a raised heel, my most comfortable way of getting from Point A to Point B would be in a raised heel shoe.  So, this I have done.  For the past five weeks.

MUCH to the chagrin of the Physical Therapist's Assistant Lady.  She did not agree with that assessment. And railed Loudly at me every time I went for an appointment until the Physical Therapist told her the doctor himself had told me to do that.

Well, would you just listen to this!  At today's appointment, the Physical Therapist was not in.  One of his substitutes was.  But my Friend, the Physical Therapist's Assistant Lady, was totally there.  Oh yessireeBob.  Never would she be absent from work, not that one!

So in a voice the substitute therapist girl could hear, the PTAL begin telling me that I had my heels on again and that it wasn't going to get well for months on end if I didn't stop wearing them.  I turned to her and very Quietly, very Politely, reminded her that the Doctor Himself had told me wear them.  She said of course he did because I wouldn't be quiet about it and he finally just gave in but it wasn't what he really wanted.

Can you believe that?

I did not respond.  I turned my face away and Prayed an Earnest Prayer for God's Presence to fill me Quickly.

I have six more weeks of therapy left.  So, somebody needs to pray for the Physical Therapist's Assistant Lady.

I am thinking of praying that she would experience something that would help her to better understand the Plight of Future Patients who may experience a torn calf muscle.  (There is nothing which helps one empathize any better than having been there yourself...)  Heretofore I have not prayed that, you understand, I just said I am thinking of praying that...

Better yet, pray for Me.