Friday, September 11, 2009

Routine returns!

All has been sane at The Parson's House for one solid week!

Angels are singing!

Every member of the Parson's family has been home at night and in town.

Meals have been cooked.

School is in full swing for the Parson's Son. He has begun taking guitar from Teacher #2 AND is continuing with Teacher #1. There is also some father/son bonding going on at the driving range and a new set of starter clubs is decorating the back door entrance to the Homeplace.

College is now a major part of the life of the Parson's Daughter. She is also working at a local boutique and has assumed an active role in POA KIDS.

The Schnauzer with Attitude is firmly ensconced and quite pleased with her position as Director of the Household.

The Gentle Golden Retriever is recovering nicely from the removal of a benign tumor on her side.

The Parson is continuing his quest to Save the World.

And the Good Wife? Well, the Good Wife has quietly assumed a new role as Director of the POA Children's Ministry. There are random and sporadic outbursts of lamentations and Pitiful Poor Me diatribes, but for the most part, the cloak of the meek and gentle spirit is hanging well.

So, carry on, My Readers! God's in His Heaven, the Parson's House is calm and collected, and the Spirit of Good Will is reigning.

For a few minutes, anyway.